WIZARD Studios is dedicated to spotlight rising independent filmmakers and their cutting edge genre pictures. The spirit of the original Wizard Video – a prominent genre video label launched in 1980 – was to champion films that defied the conventions of the mainstream. We’re thrilled to be able to provide an outlet to do this again, working with filmmakers from the ground up to nurture and support their vision.

The film submission program is very simple as described by clicking here. Once the feature has been accepted by Wizard Studios (as the films on this page already have) the program works as follows:

Every new film that collects 50 or more Full Moon Streaming subscribers will automatically be entered into an exclusive distribution deal with Wizard Studios! What this means is that in addition to the film’s premiere on Full Moon Streaming, Wizard Studios will also release it on DVD, VOD, PPV, other streaming sites and beyond!

This subscription must be for a minimum of 3 months ($18.00) and must be placed on the dedicated page for the film being "voted" for. This way everyone can keep track of the number of subscribers as the goal is to reach 50.

Plus! If the film you support receives 50 or more subscribers, each of these subscribers will receive a premiere DVD copy of the film and a $10 gift certificate for the Full Moon store at www.fullmoondirect.com!

Subscribe now, enjoy the amazing wealth of films and special features on Full Moon Streaming and support independent filmmaking and your favorite new Wizard Studios film!