April 2018 Full Moon Vidcast

Charles Band tells us about all the amazing things brewing at Full Moon. Full Moon Comix is currently in production, ExoticMovieHouse is relaunching, a vitage VHS Box is underway for Laserblast, and Evil Bong 777 is about to hit a screen in front of you! 

January 2018 Full Moon Vidcast

Strap yourself in for our FIRST Vidcast of 2018 as our fearless founder and horny honcho Charles Band comes between Russia and Germany and cuddles up to a pair of comely coeds while revealing all the madness we're planning this year!

First up, we've JUST launched the official INDEIGOGO CAMPAIGN supporting our latest production, the Las Vegas set and shot EVIL BONG 777! Charlie spills the smoke on what the movie is all about and how YOU can be part of this, the sauciest, sexiest and strangest EVIL BONG movie yet!

Next we tease the creepy cornucopia of amazing movies we've licensed for our FullMoonStreaming and Amazon channels,  classic European films culled from the legendary SEVERIN FILMS library, stuff like Jess Franco's VAMPIROS LESBOS and the berserk French gut-muncher CANNIBAL TERROR! We've also grabbed a new batch of obscure and amazing exploitation gems from Swiss producer Erwin C. Dietrich' s vaults, stuff like the INSANE biker MESSterpiece THE MAD FOXES and the Lina Romay sex flick ROLLS ROYCE BABY and many more! These kinky flicks will be filtered out via our channels and eventually in feature-packed, digitally remastered DVD special editions! Stay Tuned!

But this is only scratching the surface as to the wild stuff we have in store for you this year from Full Moon, your one-stop shop for the strangest cinema on the planet!

Now...put the kids to bed, blindfold the dog and WATCH THE VIDCAST!

November 2017 Full Moon Vidcast

Full Moon King and B-Movie royalty Charles Band returns with a November Vidcast! Band shows off the new KILLJOY and BATTY BOOP statues, goes on to announce that you can now buy DELIRIUM magazine digitally, and gives a release date for Puppet Master Axis Termination Blu-ray and DVD! And the exciting news of finishing the long awaited PRIMEVALS with stop-motion animation by the late David Allen.

October 2017 Full Moon Vidcast

Charles Band brings the Full Moon fanatics a Fall update just in time for Halloween! The Toulon Trunk is an amazing piece of work, Axis Termination will be available on Blu-Ray soon, new resin statues are in stock and Full Moon's Amazon Streaming channel is spreading it's weirdness in three countries!

August 2017 Full Moon Vidcast

Full Moon President Charles Band makes some Girl Talk with a couple young ladies that just can't keep their clothes on.  Learn the secrets of the "pros" while ogling some hotties, and get in on the Girl Talk (Confidential!).

July 2017 Full Moon Vidcast

Legendary B-Movie maker and Full Moon CEO Charles Band comes at you live from Comic-Con 2017, straight from the house that GEEK built! Band talks the long-awaited release of PUPPET MASTER AXIS TERMINATION, the third and final film in the ‘Axis Series’ and introduces Full Moon Amazon to both Germany and the UK! Watch as Band interacts with all type of comic book geeks and weirdos as he is visited by the semi-super hero team, the infamous "MacVengers". If the excitement of this Vidcast don’t give you a heart attack, these fast food super heroes will!

June 2017 Full Moon Vidcast

Full Moon monarch and B-Movie baron Charles Band lays down a royal proclamation on what’s hot in the Full Moon universe and welcomes our friends from the UK and Germany.   Going on to discuss the ribald resurgence of the Surrender Cinema line, then revealing an early schematic of Andre Toulon’s Puppet Master box set, this would already be a jam-packed Vidcast – but we dig deeper into the Empire Box to boot, showing off some of the incredible art inside!  This Vidcast is guaranteed to kick you in the business, or your money back!  

May 2017 Full Moon Vidcast

See all the nudes - er - NEWS that's fit to print in this latest installment of the Full Moon Monthly Vidcasts! 

Join Full Moon founder Charles Band on a photo shoot for the upcoming erotic release Dungeon of Desire. Meet the nubile young ingenues who have unwittingly stumbled into Full Moon's chambers of decadence this time!  

It's also packed with info!

April 2017 Full Moon Vidcast

Full Moon founder, Charles Band unleashes the smoke of hell as he introduces Full Moon's newest release: Evil Bong 666! Join the cast and crew in the historic Raleigh Studios Theater for a screening of the latest hand-rolled installment in the Evil Bong franchise. Then, huddle up with the sexy starlets of Evil Bong 666, as Charlie gives us all a sneak peak at the Empire Pictures Blu-Ray Collection box set!  Lucky you!

March 2017 Full Moon Vidcast

Full Moon Features founder Charles Band brings you exciting news directly from the set of EVIL BONG 666 on its third day of production! Band introduces Full Moon fanatics several characters including three Sexy (and topless) Demons, BeelzeBud the ruler of ‘SEXY HELL’ and The Gingerweed Man himself! The upcoming 5th sequel in the popular franchise is slated for an April 20th release.