Full Moon Vidcast 05/25/17

See all the nudes - er - NEWS that's fit to print in this latest installment of the Full Moon Monthly Vidcasts! 

Join Full Moon founder Charles Band on a photo shoot for the upcoming erotic release Dungeon of Desire. Meet the nubile young ingenues who have unwittingly stumbled into Full Moon's chambers of decadence this time!  

It's also packed with info!

Full Moon Vidcast 04/20/17

Full Moon founder, Charles Band unleashes the smoke of hell as he introduces Full Moon's newest release: Evil Bong 666! Join the cast and crew in the historic Raleigh Studios Theater for a screening of the latest hand-rolled installment in the Evil Bong franchise. Then, huddle up with the sexy starlets of Evil Bong 666, as Charlie gives us all a sneak peak at the Empire Pictures Blu-Ray Collection box set!  Lucky you!

Full Moon Vidcast 03/13/17

Full Moon Features founder Charles Band brings you exciting news directly from the set of EVIL BONG 666 on its third day of production! Band introduces Full Moon fanatics several characters including three Sexy (and topless) Demons, BeelzeBud the ruler of ‘SEXY HELL’ and The Gingerweed Man himself! The upcoming 5th sequel in the popular franchise is slated for an April 20th release.

Full Moon Vidcast 02/14/17

Full Moon Features founder Charles Band continues to bring exciting news in 2017! Band talks about the upcoming ‘Evil Bong 666’ slated for April 20th (that’s 420 dudes), the third episode of the hit series ‘Ravenwolf Towers 3: Secrets In The Walls’ and the highly anticipated ‘Puppet Master: Axis Termination’, the 11th film in the beloved series. The future of Full Moon Features looks bright! 

Full Moon Vidcast 01/09/17

Charles Band rings in the new year with a couple sexy assistants and a whole lotta' crazy movies in the works!

Full Moon Vidcast 10/16/16

Full Moon Features founder and DELIRIUM Magazine publisher Charles Band brings a wild roundup of actors, cult filmmakers and overall horror icons together to meet the fans and toast the release of the latest issue of DELIRIUM magazine!

Full Moon Vidcast 8/22/16

The virgins come out to play as Charles Band invades the studio of graphic artist Ryan Brookhart to shoot the sexy cover of Virgin Hunters 2, coming in October! 

Comic Con 2016 Vidcast

In this special edition of the Vidcast, Charles Band gives you the full tour of the Full Moon booth #4022 at SDCC. Plus, check out  the surrounding madness of the crowd and the international spectacle that is San Diego Comic Con 2016. Check out that amazing Blade cosplay! This year, we featured comic books from Action Labs, resin statues of Ghoulies and Jack Attack, in addition to our films and replicas. Featuring a cameo by Robin Sydney, who made an appearance at the booth and signed merchandise for the fans alongside Charles Band.

CB Vidcast: 6.11.16: Delirium #11, Barbara Crampton & Ravenwolf Towers

D-Day of the B-Movies at Dark Delicacies for the release of the 11th issue of Delirium Magazine: Saturday June 11th: 2pm to 4pm.

Barbara Crampton:
Re-Animator (1985), Chopping Mall (1986), From Beyond (1986), Castle Freak (1995)

Chelsea Stardust: Whiplash (2014), Bridesmaids (2011), Sinister (2012), The Purge (2013)

Alex Essoe: Starry Eyes (2014), Tales of Halloween (2015), Passion Play (2010)

Elissa Dowling: We Are Still Here (2015), Thirsty (2009), Black Dahlia (2006)

Emma Julia Jacobs: Black Swan (2010), The Collector (2009)

Alexis Iacono: Dead Sea (2014), Blue Caprice (2013), The Black Dahlia Haunting (2012)

Devanny Pinn: Truth or Dare (2013), A Grim Becoming (2014), Area 51 (2011)

Briana Caitlan: Soledad (2014), Took A Bullet (2011)

Vidcast: Haunted Hollywood Series!

Charles Band Vidcast 3-21-16: Haunted Hollywood series, with David Del Valle