Legendary exploitation film distributor SOMETHING WEIRD VIDEO didn’t just break the rules when it came to consuming trash movies, the smashed them to shreds and re-wrote them as a kind of B-movie manifesto! Founded by the late Mike Vraney and co-curated by BASKET CASE director Frank Henenlotter, SWV offers the finest and freakiest exploitation, horror, gore, lowbrow comedy, vintage melodrama and sweaty sexploitation flicks ever made. Dig in!
The Wizard of Gore Blood Feast The Swamp of the Ravens Weed Space Thing Color Me Blood Red Godfather Of Gore Olga's House of Shame The Body Beneath A Taste of Blood Honey Britches Two Thousand Maniacs Bloody Pit of Horror Carnival of Blood Alice In Acidland The Gruesome Twosome The Erotic Adventures of Zorro The Brick Dollhouse The Adult Version of Jekyll and Hide Savages From Hell Keyholes Are For Peeping Ramrodder The Naked Witch The Immoral Three A Smell Of Honey, A Swallow of Brine! The Big Snatch Rock Hard Monsters Crash The Pajama Party Dracula The Dirty Old Man Wild Jayne Mansfield The Gore Gore Girls