The Adult Version of Jekyll and Hide

When slimy stud Dr. Chris Leeder (Jack Buddliner) takes possession of Dr. Jekyll's ancient notebook, he quickly becomes obsesses with the murderous sex crimes of the original Mr. Hyde. Ignoring the notebook's warning that the Jekyll & Hyde formula "makes people appear as they really are," the demented doc mixes the potion and promptly turns into..."Miss Hide" (Jane Tsentas), a sexy blonde in a mini-skirt who just happens to be a homicidal nymphomaniac!

After enjoying a lesbian romp with Leeder's secretary (legendary skin flick starlet Rene Bond), and the sadistic slaughter of a drunken sailor (ouch!), Miss Hide decides to pay a visit to Leeder's fiancee (Jennifer Brooks) and permanently cancel the wedding.

Gender-bending adult horror, THE ADULT VERSION OF JEKYLL AND HIDE is another outrageous classic from the Mighty Monarch of Sexploitation, producer David F. Friedman (Two Thousand Maniacs!).


Cast: Rene Bond , Jane Tsentas , Jack Buddliner , Linda York , Laurie Rose , Jude Farese , Linda McDowell
Directed by: Byron Mabe
Runtime:91 minutes

Something Weird Promo


Full Moon licenses dozens of wild, raunchy and shocking vintage flicks from celebrated SOMETHING WEIRD catalog.

Full Moon is thrilled to announce the latest addition to the roster: an untamed collection of classic cult, horror and exploitation movies culled from the legendary SOMETHING WEIRD library!

The brainchild of late exploitation film curator and weird cinema enthusiast Mike Vraney (who tragically lost his battle with lung cancer earlier this year), SOMETHING WEIRD is widely recognized as the premiere imprint for awesomely lurid, cult cinema. The company has thousands of bizarre and wonderful motion pictures under their umbrella, representing every single strain of strangeness from greasy, hard and soft-core erotica to tassel-twirling burlesque; from European gladiator epics to gory horror gems; from druggie freak out potboilers and beyond. Simply put, in the annals of exploitation film culture, SOMETHING WEIRD stands alone.

Full Moon is no stranger to oddball film culture either and the licensing of key titles from the staggering SOMETHING WEIRD library to our channel is a match made in sticky celluloid heaven.

“I’ve made more than my share of crazy movies,” says iconic film producer and Full Moon Features president Charles Band, “but there’s nothing quite like the films that Mike Vraney lovingly assembled over the years with SOMETHING WEIRD. The level of care and passion that went into his reverent presentations of stuff that would otherwise be relegated to obscurity is to be celebrated. By partnering with SOMETHING WEIRD, we’re honoring Mike by bringing our subscribers a window into his weird world and it’s something I’m very excited about.”

Artist Lisa Petrucci, Vraney’s wife and surviving SOMETHING WEIRD owner and operator, had this to say about the partnership.

"The folks at SOMETHING WEIRD are thrilled to be entering this new venture,” Petrucci, a noted visual artist in her own right, says.

“The idea of exposing our unique brand of exploitation and horror to their film fans is an exciting prospect. Montag the Magnificent (THE WIZARD OF GORE) and Fuad Ramses (BLOOD FEAST) will feel right at home with the other gorehounds in the Full Moon family. I'd like to think that our beloved founder, Mike Vraney, would highly approve of this collaboration!"


Over the next several months, will be slowly rolling out dozens of amazing SOMETHING WEIRD titles and to kick-off the party, we’re blasting off with a selection of 10 amazing movies that will blow your mind. Every week a new title will appear.

The inaugural FullMoonStreaming/SOMETHING WEIRD titles unspooling over the next two months are:


Legendary sleaze merchant David F. Friedman cashes in on the druggie flicks like Roger Corman’s THE TRIP and jams in tons of female nudity, violence and general psychedelic insanity. You don’t have to be high to groove on this gem…but it helps!


Widely recognized as the first “gore” movie, this H.G. Lewis classic still shocks today with its endless parade of bloody atrocities tempered by its awesomely ludicrous plot and wonderfully wooden acting.


Lewis’ Florida-lensed hack-em up sees a mad matriarch dispatch her brain addled son to kill and scalp as many women as he can muster, using their bloody hair for mama’s wig shop. Like SWEENY TODD for the mentally ill!

LOVE CAMP 7 (1969)

Ultra controversial “Nazisploitation” gem that predated such celebrated nasties as THE NIGHT PORTER and ILSA SHE WOLF OF THE SS, this one is jam packed with politically incorrect depravity that has caused it no end of censorial antagonism.


Larry Buchanan’s dirty Texas horrorshow charts the rise of the TIT-ular sorceress, who wreaks havoc and pounds pulses. Tons of cheeky fun.


The crown jewel of the sadistic “Olga” films, this sleaze epic sees rough n’ tumble madame Olga (Audrey Campbell) fleeing with her girls to an abandoned ore mine and opening up a new house of degradation and carnal cruelty.


A favorite of BASKET CASE icon Frank Henenlotter, SATAN’S CHILDREN is a shot-in-Florida cheapie that has to be seen to believed. Tawdry, homophobic and yet homoerotic at the same time, this one is weird, mean, violent and one of the best party movies you’ll ever see.


The inimitable H.G. Lewis followed up the Drive-In success of BLOOD FEAST with this southern-fried shocker, a film that dials down the explicit gore and amps up filmmaking craft resulting in a fun, violent and even eerie horror classic.


H.G. Lewis migrates his unique blend of sleaze into the heart of the 1970’s with this blend of stripper-riddled bump n’ grind gorefest and skid row detective thriller.


Lewis’ crown jewel, his masterpiece of Grand Guignol that examines the stage antics of the malevolent magician Montag, an illusionist whose violent gags really make you gag. Almost existential at times, this one has to be seen to believed. Bring your barf bags!

The fun rolls out beginning Monday, August 4th.

SOMETHING WEIRD. Yet another reason to subscribe now to the best online movie theatre around: It’s like NETFLIX for LUNAtics!

Directed by:
Runtime:2 minutes