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Videozone: Vampire Journals

Videozone: Vampire Journals
Get a look at the making of Vampire Journals 1996! Watch great interviews with Ted Nicolau and Kirsten Cerre. Ted Nicolau goes in depth on the actors, the dyanamic of shooting in Romaniat and the great collaboration of working with cinematographer Adolfo Bartoli. A must see for fans of Vampire Journals, Subspecies and gothic horror. Also has a sneek peek of HIDEOUS!

Director Ted Nicolau

Film Synopsis:
VAMPIRE JOURNALS follows Zachary, a vampire with a conscience, who hunts the vampire bloodline that sired him. After witnessing the love of his life get turned into a vampire, Zachary destroys both her, and his master, and former protégé of Ash. Serena. Zachary, armed with the enchanted sword of a great vampire slayer called Laertes, seeks out the rest of Serena's bloodline to eradicate them.

Runtime: 14 minutes
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