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The film you are about to watch is culled from the legendary WIZARD Video library, transferred from the original, WIZARD "Big Box" VHS tapes. In the early 1980's,  WIZARD Video broke ground releasing some of the wildest cult films from all over the world and the print represented here is exactly as it was presented upon release. So step back in time and groove on this WIZARD Video original!

Ketty, a photographer living in Rome, accidentally witnesses the murder of a young woman at the hands of a razor-wielding maniac. Ketty and her fiance, Alberto, go to the police...only to learn that two other witnesses to the crime have been slashed to death. Ketty fears that she will be the next victim when her ballerina friend Magda is brutally killed by the same elusive culprit.

The police are baffled, unable to find a motive. It is Alberto who discovers the connection: all the murdered girls were dancers. Investigating further, Ketty finds a photo identifying the killer. But before she can warn Alberto, Ketty is trapped in a lonely greenhouse, stalked by the homicidal madman! Also know as "Passi di Danza Su una Lama di Rasoio" and "Death carries a Cane".


Cast: Nieves Navarro , luciano rossi , George Martin , salvatore borgese , Simon Andreu , Robert Hoffman , Susan Scott
Directed by: Maurizio Pradeaux
Runtime: 90 minutes
Production Date: 1973
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