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Trailer for:

The Hellcats

Motorcycles mamas on a highway to hell!

Crime boss Adrian uses a motorcycle gang called the Hellcats to carry out drug runs for him, although it appears as if it is a tenuous alliance at best because the gang and Adrian's henchmen do not get along in the slightest.

But now a battle weary soldier comes back from the war and goes undercover to avenge the death of his brother. His link to the murder is his brother's fiancee, who wants vengeance too. She knows he was an infiltrated cop with a drug-dealing biker gang, the Hellcats, who are employed by the mob to move the drugs from Mexico to the USA. The two would-be avengers infiltrate the Hellcats, the girl is abducted, and now it's retired soldier against all the bad guys with guns blazing.


Cast: Dee Duffy , Del 'Sonny' West , Sharyn Kinzie , Ross Hagen , Shannon Summers
Directed by: Robert F. Slatzer
Runtime: 83 minutes
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