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Teenage Space Vampires

Something's strange in Knollwood. Being a nerdy teenager in a small town is hard enough, but when a UFO comes to visit and everyone begins to act even weirder than usual, BILLY STETSON decides to investigate. A government "SETI" team is dispatched to check out the sighting and Billy teams up with agent HANK to find out if these alleged visitors exist. Their search leads them to an abandoned mineshaft, where they discover a coven of Space Vampires conspiring to trap the light from the sun into an all-powerful diamond which will allow them to rule the world in eternal darkness.

Cast: James Kee , Lindy Booth , Richard Clarkin , Mak Fyfe , Jesse Nilsson , Robin Dunne
Directed by: Martin Wood
Runtime: 82 minutes
Production Date: 1999
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