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Trailer for:

Teen Sorcery

It's not easy being the new girl in town. Ask DAWN, who's just become a student at Pilgrimtown High School. When she encounters an evil spirit in the form of MERCEDES, the head cheerleader, she's plunged into a life and death battle for possession of the "Devilstone." With the help of her three closest girlfriends, Dawn braves not only a powerful sleeping spell cast by the malevolent Mercedes, but a trip back to medieval times and an encounter with a fire breathing dragon, to become a true 20th century sleeping beauty.

Cast: Craig Olejnik , Nadia Litz , Aimee Castle , Anne Anglin , Lexa Doig , A.J. Cook
Directed by: Victoria Muspratt
Runtime: 89 minutes
Production Date: 1999
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