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Videozone: Puppet Master 4

Videozone: Puppet Master 4
Get a look at the making of Puppet Master 4: The Demon, with an introduction by Charles Band. Includes great behind the scenes and interviews with director Jeff Burr, actor Gordon Currie and actor Jason Adams. Also has a great interview with puppet handler Mark Rappaport who talks about and shows off 'Decapitron' and rod puppet master Jake McKinnon who controls Sutek. And an amazing look at the immense set of "Sutek's Lair" and the demon Sutek himself. A sneek peek of Trancers 5 is included.
Director Jeff Burr

Film Synopsis:
Three heads are better than one, especially for Decapitron, the new head-swapping leader of Toulon's puppets. Surveillance. Morphing. Weapons. Each of Decapitron's heads has its purpose and each will be put to its ultimate test when Blade, Tunneler, Pinhead and your other down-sized dynamos go toe to toe with their most sinister enemy yet; a team of terrifying Totems sent by the evil Sutekh!

Runtime: 21 minutes
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