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Videozone: Netherworld

Videozone: Netherworld
Get a look at the making of Netherworld (1992), with cast and crew interviews and behind-the-scenes footage! See an extensive interview with Director David Schmoeller, actor Michael Bendetti, actress Denise Gentile and actress Alex Datcher. Also includes great behind the scenes footage of the infamous 'flying hand' from the film and the director showing off a great 'bottle trick'. The film was shot during the hot summer days in French Quarter in Louisiana and the Louisiana swamps.

Director David Schmoeller

Film Synopsis:
After inheriting a sprawling estate in the bayous of Louisiana, Corey Thornton’s life is about to change forever. Through instructions left to him at the mansion, Corey learns of his father’s bizarre plan and last wish to be resurrected and is introduced to a very sensual and sexy woman, Delores, a mistress of black magic who was involved with his father.

Runtime: 7 minutes
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