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Trailer for:

Mysterious Museum

During a fierce electrical storm, lightning hits a museum creating a magical passageway between our world and the world within the museum's paintings. BEN and KIM, a brother and sister, find themselves transported to a 17th century village under siege by FALCO, an evil sorcerer learned in the ways of black magic. The kids learn that the evil Falco is in search of the village's most prized possession: the jewel of Polaris. With the jewel, Falco will be unstoppable. Ben and Kim must save the village and return to our world before it's too late.

(Also released as Night at the Magic Museum)

Cast: Brianna Brown , Andrew James Trauth , John Duerler , Megan Lusk , Michael Lee Gogin , Adrian Neil
Directed by: David Schmoeller
Runtime: 90 minutes
Production Date: 1999
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