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Magic in the Mirror

One mirror, two sides. One side is the world we know. The other is guarded by the Mirror Minders, watchful beings who prevent people from entering their fantastic realm of enchantment.

When one of the Mirror Minders falls asleep, young Mary Margaret (Jamie Renée Smith) accidentally steps through the mirror...and into an adventure beyond anything her vivid imagination could dream up. Mary Margaret soon discovers she has some unpleasant company: the Drakes, giant ducks who are bent on deeds most fowl. Accompanied by two bumbling Mirror Minders and a pair of playful pixies, Mary Margaret manages to stay one step ahead of the evil quacks. But meeting the challenges of a wondrous, unexpected world is one thing. Finding a way home is another. Now her adventure really begins!

Cast: Godfrey James , Kevin Wixted , Saxon Trainor , Jamie Renée Smith , David Brooks , Eileen T'Kaye
Directed by: Ted Nicolaou
Runtime: 85 minutes
Production Date: 1996
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