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Billy's never been able to fit in where he lives; suddenly that's not a problem anymore.  A desert explorarion leads to an explosive discovery for Billy: his own personal laser gun.  It takes a little while to master the controls, but Billy gets the hang of it, just as it gets the hang of him.  Each time Billy fires the laser it converts him, little by little, into an alien.  Billy becomes possessed by the ruthless power in his hands, and becomes a powerful foe.  Cars, planes, and people all fall before the awesome alien power that Billy wields.  Now he must gain control before the aliens return to claim what's theirs.

Featuring Keenan Wynn (Dr. Strangelove, Dallas), Roddy McDowall (Cleopatra, Planet of the Apes), and the film debut of Eddie Deezen (Grease, 1941).

The reptilian alien creatures in the film were works of stop motion animation by animator David W. Allen, marking the first chapter in a decades-long history of collaboration between Allen and Band. The alien spacecraft model featured in Laserblast was designed and built by Greg Jein in two weeks, and the musical score was written in five days by Joel Goldsmith and Richard Band, the first film score for both composers

Cast: Kim Milford , Eddie Deezen , Keenan Wynn , Dennis Burkley , Kim McKamy , Roddy McDowall , Gianni Russo , Cheryl Smith
Directed by: Michael Rae
Runtime: 82 minutes
Production Date: 1978
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