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With the goriest scenes from THE TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE, SNUFF, 2000 MANIACS, DRILLER KILLER, BLOOD FEAST and many more...

A cosmic cavalcade of bloodthirsty thrills from the most violent movies ever made! An entertainment extravaganza of extreme exterminations, mind-blowing mutilations, devastating decimations and delirious decapitations!

FILMGORE is an endless orgy of unimaginable atrocity at an incredible velocity -- the most sanguinary sensations ever splashed and splattered across the silver screen!

See bloodthirsty butchers, killer drillers, crazed cannibals, zonked zombies,, mutilating maniacs, hemoglobin horrors, plasmatic perverts and sadistic slayers slash, strangle, mangle and mutilate bare-breasted beauties in bondage!

SEE lovely ladies in leather using deadly devices to torture and titillate!
SEE gullible girls guillotined, gassed, gunned and garrotted!
SEE hacked-off hands, loose limbs, exploding heads and blazing bodies in a chillingly photographed ballet of blood!

There's nothing like a nice hot bloodbath to make you feel clean again! The cumulative effect of such non-stop slaughter creates an incredible impact!

FILMGORE is the ultimate movie massacre!


Cast: Elvira , cassandra peterson
Directed by: Ken Dixon
Runtime: 119 minutes
Production Date: 1983
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