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What the prince SLIPPED Cinderella was NOT a slipper!

In the mood for lusty laughs? Curl up with this sizzling comedy spoof on the classic bedtime story, as CINDERELLA becomes a sexpot in search of a royally satisfying ending. Cindy's still got a nasty stepmother and stepsisters, but in this racy retelling, the young innocent is anything but, and she has a man for a fairy godmother. At first denied the chance to meet the handsome Prince at his Grand Ball, the downtrodden lass is transformed into a ravishing, rapacious beauty ready to party, party, party. 

The sultry stunner wastes not time capturing the Prince's heart (and other crucial organs). But when midnight strikes, Cinderella flees, launching the Prince on an exhausting search for the lady whose lovemaking spoiled him for all others. This is one bedtime story designed to keep you very awake.

This CINDERELLA -- she's too HOT for kids!


Cast: Buckley Norris , Kirk Scott , Pamela Stonebrook , Brett Smiley , Yana Nirvana , Jennifer Doyle , Cheryl Smith , Marilyn Corwin , Sy Richardson
Directed by: Michael Pataki
Runtime: 90 minutes
Production Date: 1977
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